Sunday, 17 March 2019

News - week 21

In the first division, Trinity A closed the gap at the top to fourteen points with a game in hand following a 10-0 win against Conwy B. Paul Hulme took a game from each of the Trinity players but the encounter of the night witnessed the doubles pairing of Abhishek Bathula and Stuart Dearden beat Melvyn Booker and Chris Phillips 13-11 in the fifth. Rhyl A move into mid-table after a 9-1 result over Amlwch B. Barrie Russ and Dave Foster both secured maximums and Don Grigg landed the islanders point at the expense of Steve Lowe. Police A shared the points with Trinity B in the closest battle of the week. Mark Pugh won his three in three straight but Trinity B won each of the four five-game matches. Eddie Chan winning two of these tight games and Ben and Fred Moore one each to secure the draw.

In the second division, Craig-y-don B remain eight points adrift of league leaders Rhyl B following an 8-2 win over Rhyl C and a 4-6 loss in the Craig-y-don derby. Gary Blakemore won four games in the week and they were helped by borrowing a player from the A team. Yet in a strange twist of events Ady Waugh secured a maximum against his own team in the derby match. Amlwch C lie third three points off second with a game in hand following an 8-2 victory over Rhyl C. Marcus Jones representing Rhyl C won two singles matches but was thwarted in his mission for a maximum 10-12 in the fifth by the islanders captain Matthew Winnett. Mark Hadcock and George Higham won their remaining singles games to ensure Amlwch C remain on the heels of Craig-y-don B.


Division One:

Trinity A                      10     Conwy B                      0
Rhyl A                         9       Amlwch B                   1
Police A                       5       Trinity B                      5
Division Two:

Craig-y-don B             4       Craig-y-don A             6
Amlwch C                   8       Rhyl C                         2
Rhyl C                         2       Craig-y-don B             8

Sunday, 10 March 2019

News - week 20

In the first division, Amlwch A produced another comfortable win beating Conwy A 10-0. Andy Lunt was the only Conwy player to win a game, he extracted this from Ian AultConwy B remain third despite a 4-6 loss to Trinity C. The standout player here was Eddie Chan who secured his maximum without dropping a game. Y Morfa A drew twice in the week sharing the points with both Trinity C and Police A. Mark Pugh secured his maximum as did Andy Horton in the Trinity C fixture. Another close encounter between Trinity B and Rhyl A narrowly went the way of the Trefnant outfit. Ben Moore won his three and teamed up with his dad, Fred Moore to land the doubles. 

In the second division, Rhyl B is now nineteen points clear at the top following a 7-3 win against Craig-y-don A. The top two in the individual standings, Steve Lowe and Norman Stagg won their matches. Although Gary Blackmore playing up for Craig-y-Don A took Norman Stagg to 11-13 in the fifth.


Division One:

Trinity C                      5       Y Morfa A                    5
Trinity B                      6       Rhyl A                         4
Y Morfa A                    5       Police A                       5
Conwy B                      4       Trinity C                      6
Amlwch A                   10     Conwy A                      0

Division Two:

Police B                       10     Y Morfa B                    0
Y Morfa B                    1       Police B                       9
Craig-y-don A             3       Rhyl B                         7

League Cup – Division Two

Craig-y-don A             3       Rhyl B                         7

Sunday, 3 March 2019

News - week 19

In the first division, Amlwch A have restored their lead at the top of the table following a 10-0 win over Trinity C and a defaulted fixture by Trinity B. The champions have opened a gap of fourteen points and it is now Trinity A that have a game in hand. The in-form David Daniels was brushed aside by the champions and it was the junior Josh Gilmore who provided the most resistance. Josh took a game from both Paul Collins and Ian Ault.

In the second division, Rhyl B have opened a gap of twelve points from the pack and still have a game in hand, they are now clear favourites for the title. The individual standings were given a shake up when previous front runner John Hughes had to forfeit his matches against Rhyl C not well enough to continue. Team mates Steve Lowe and Norman Stagg appear to be the benefices of this unfortunate turn of events but Kevin Evans remains unbeaten and could yet play the qualifying 60% of matches. Craig-y don B players Gary Blackmore and Ady Waugh became the first to defeat Steve Lowe. But Norman Stagg and John Hughes held firm to secure their maximums in a match where only three games were decided over three game. The doubles victory by Rhyl B ensures they have drawn level with Craig-y-don B in the doubles standings are only one behind Amlwch C, they have a game in hand over both of their rivals. Amlwch C is now up to second in the table, a point clear of Craig-y-don B following a 9-1 win at the expense of Y Morfa B. Bill Wooley landed the Y Morfa B point beating Mark Hadcock over four games. Police B fielded family Evans, Becky was a little ring rusty but did take a game from John Bastin. Kevin Evans secured his maximum without dropping a game and Peter Roberts lost only one game, this to Bill Williams en route to his maximum.

In the Handicap Cup Police A had to concede the tie through injuries to their squad. This ensures that Rhyl B is now away to Y Morfa A in the semi-final. Further, Trinity B now have a bye into the semi-final of the Presidents Trophy.


Division One:
Amlwch A                   10     Trinity B             0
Amlwch A                   10     Trinity C             0

Division Two:

Craig-y-don B             2       Rhyl B                8
Police B                       7       Craig-y-don A    3
Y Morfa B                    1       Amlwch C          9
Rhyl B                         7       Rhyl C                3
Handicap Cup

Rhyl B                  Win         Police A              Lose

Monday, 18 February 2019

News - week 18

In the first division, Amlwch A find themselves four points clear at the top following a 10-0 win over fourth placed Police A. The champions task was made easier when captain Tony Wan had to withdraw following a shoulder injury. Conwy B remain third beating Amlwch B 8-2. Iain MacGillivray beat Sean Lucas and teamed up with Don Grigg to the land the doubles. Emyr Owen has transformed into a pen-hold player and perhaps Conwy B were lucky that he is yet to fully master his new style and equipment. The Trinity derby witnessed a clear-cut win by Trinity C at the expense of Trinity B. David Daniels continues to shine and eased to his maximum, he was ably supported by junior Josh Gilmore who also dropped no games in his three victories. Eddie Chan was involved in two five-game battles beating Mark Kane but losing out 16-18 to Fred Moore in the decider. Conwy A beat Rhyl A 6-4 despite Dave Foster winning two and only prevented from his maximum by Graham Heath 9-11 in the fifth. Barrie Russ also won two beating Andy Lunt in the 11-8 in the decider. Graham Heath's maximum was an important factor in the Conwy A win as was his doubles victory with Steve Nicholls.

In the second division, both Rhyl B and Amlwch C remain unbeaten in the league. They shared the points in their top of the table clash. Rhyl B were without their strongest player Steve Lowe, but Norman Stagg and John Hughes stepped up to the plate winning two each. Then together they became the first partnership to beat Amlwch C at doubles. Amlwch C displayed all their fighting qualities, coming back from 1-5 down in the match. Caren Ault beat John Hughes 13-11 in the fifth and captain Matthew Winnett beat Norman Stagg 11-8 in the last game of the night to secure a draw for the islanders. Craig-y-don B lie second in the table, winning 9-1 at the expense Y Morfa B. Dave Strange made his league reappearance and was denied his maximum by Bill Wooley who landed the consolation point for Y Morfa B. Another draw was produced in the Rhyl C and Craig-y-don B match. Adam Wood won two and was denied his maximum by Ged Haresnape 5-11 in the fifth. Marcus Jones also won two matches and with Adam they secured Rhyl C's first doubles win of the season. But it was not enough John Bastin beat Pat Peak 12-10 in the decider to ensure a share of the points


Division One:

Amlwch B                   2       Conwy B                      8
Trinity B                      2       Trinity C                      8
Conwy A                      6       Rhyl A                         4
Amlwch A                   10     Police A                       0
Division Two:

Craig-y-don B             9       Y Morfa B                    1
Rhyl C                         5       Craig-y-don A             5
Rhyl B                         5       Amlwch B                   5

Sunday, 10 February 2019

News - week 17

In the Handicap Cup, six of the seven ties produced clear cut victories where the last game became largely academic. While this was a little bit disappointing from a handicapping viewpoint it does bode well for some closer battles in both the Handicap Cup and Presidents Trophy quarter finals. However, the Kinmel Bay derby between Y Morfa A and Y Morfa B proved to be a very close affair. Y Morfa B were set a target of an average of 19 points per game in a 40-point contest. They achieved this target in half of their matches. Harry Jones representing Y Morfa B gave his team a great chance when amassing 37 against Chris Henderson. It came down to the last game here Andy Horton representing Y Morfa A had to restrict Andy McNeil to below eleven points. In the contest of the two Andys, Horton beat McNeil 40-9 allowing Y Morfa A to scrape through to the Handicap Cup quarter finals. The gallant Y Morfa B will fight again in the Presidents Trophy quarter finals. 

In the first division, Amlwch B played their first match with their new squad and faced a difficult match against champions Amlwch A. While Amlwch B did not win any matches Emyr Owen was able to extract a game from both Ian Ault and his old team mate Reg John. Don Grigg and Iain MacGillivray will surely learn a lot form games where they secured 6 and 5 points from some of the strongest veteran players in the league. Amlwch B points have now been updated to reflect games they had to previously concede. They now only need to catch up with a fixture at Y Morfa A from the first half of the season.


Handicap Cup – Round of 16:

Trinity C                      489  Rhyl A                         427
Craig-y-don B             568  Craig-y-don A             496
Police B                       359  Amlwch A                   400
Y Morfa A                    476  Y Morfa B                    474
Conwy A                      500  Rhyl C                         414
Trinity A                      328  Conwy B                      293

League Cup – Division One - Quarter-Finals:

Amlwch A                   6       Amlwch B                   0

Division One:

Amlwch B                   0       Amlwch A                  10
Trinity A                     10     Amlwch B                   C
Amlwch B                   C       Rhyl A                        10
Amlwch B                   C       Y Morfa A                   10
Trinity B                     10     Amlwch B                   C

Sunday, 3 February 2019

News - week 16

In the first division, Trinity A move back to the top of the table following a 10-0 win at the expense of Conwy A. Stuart Dearden was taken to five by both Graham Heath and Andy Lunt. Graham was also able to extract a game from both Owen Hopwood and Abhishek Bathula. The inclement weather resulted in several fixtures being postponed but Conwy B were able to move into third beating Trinity B 7-3. Here Paul Hulme excelled and won a fantastic five-game thriller against Ben Moore to secure his maximum. Sean Lucas was involved in three five-game matches but lost out in both the doubles and against Ben Moore before edging out Mark Kane.

In the second division, Rhyl B extended their lead at the top of the table by beating second placed Craig-y-don B 6-4. Norman Stagg and John Hughes each won their singles matches although both were taken into a fifth game on one occasion. However, they lost out in the doubles 11-13 in the fifth. Another five-game match went to Ged Haresnape representing Craig-y-don B. He battled to land the fourth and fifth games against Andy Chambers who played as a reserve. Amlwch C remain unbeaten in the league and again had to fight hard to secure a draw. George Higham won his three singles matches and teamed up with Matthew Winnett in the doubles to land four points for the islanders. However, Peter Roberts and Meirion Williams each won two games for Police B. The Police secured the draw in last game of the night. Here John Cartwright became the second person in the match to beat Matthew Winnett over five games. In the bottom of the table clash Rhyl C ran out 7-3 winners against Y Morfa B. The Rhyl heroes here were Adam Wood and Marcus Jones who both won their singles matches to secure the victory. The closest game of the night witnessed Martin Bill representing Y Morfa A beat Pat Peak in 11-8 in the fifth.


Division One:

Trinity A                      10     Conwy A                      0
Conwy B                      7       Trinity B                      3

Division Two:

Police B                       5       Amlwch C                   5
Rhyl B                         6       Craig-y-don B             4
Y Morfa B                    3       Rhyl C                         7

Sunday, 27 January 2019

News - Week 15

In the division one league cup quarter-finals, the closest tie resulted in a 5-5 score-line between Rhyl A and Trinity C. The strongest player on the night proved to be Harold Furber representing Rhyl A. He won each of singles matches in a fifth game decider and teamed up with Dave Foster to land the doubles. However, this was not enough because Eddie Chan, Dave Daniels and Josh Gilmore we able to win a total of 21 games against the Rhyl A total of 15, to ensure that it is Trinity C that is through to the next round. Trinity A had a more comfortable passage, beating Y Morfa A 6-0. Andy Horton extracted a game from Abhishek Bathula and Rob Stanway took Owen Hopwood to a fifth game decider. Andy and Rob teamed up in the doubles but lost over five games and as a result lost the match. Conway A prevented a clean sweep for the Trinity club beating Trinity B 6-4. Ben Moore secured his maximum beating Andy Lunt over five games. But a fine team effort from Conwy A with two wins each for Rob Walker and Andy Lunt. This was coupled with a key five-game doubles victory by Andy and Graham Heath ensured that it is Conwy A who progress to the semi-final.

In the division two league cup quarter-finals, Craig-y-don B narrowly beat Amlwch C 6-4. George Higham representing Amlwch B won all his singles matches only dropping one game. He teamed up with Mathew Winnett in the doubles but was thwarted in four games by Gary Blakemore and Ady Waugh. Caren Ault beat Ged Haresnape but it was not enough, Craig-y-don B is through to the semi-finals.

In the first division, the previous league results of Amlwch B have been attached into this week’s table. The status of a few of their outstanding fixtures will be resolved in the coming weeks. Conwy B completed the double over Y Morfa A running out 7-3 winners. Y Morfa A started strongly with Andy Horton beating Paul Hulme and Rob Stanway overcoming Chris Phillips. Chris Henderson eased to a 2-0 lead and was in clear in the third but was caught and beaten in five by Sean Lucas, to start the Conwy revival. Chris and Sean teamed up in the doubles for the first time and won a five-game thriller. Chris Phillips and Sean Lucas went on to win all their remaining singles games to ensure the victory.


League Cup - Division One:

Rhyl A                    5(15)       Trinity C                 5(21)
Trinity B                       4       Conwy A                       6
Trinity A                       6       Y Morfa A                     0
League Cup - Division Two:

Craig-y-don B               6       Amlwch C                     4
Y Morfa B                     4       Police B                        6

Division One:

Conwy B                       7       Y Morfa A                     3