Sunday, 25 November 2018

News - week 8

In the first division, Conwy B remain in third despite losing 2-8 to Rhyl A. Ron Bradburn representing Rhyl A proved the strongest player securing his maximum losing only two games and teaming up with Barrie Russ to land the doubles. This win was the first of the season for Rhyl A but they also drew 5-5 with Trinity C. Here the strongest player was Ben Moore who beat Ron Bradburn over five games. Two other tight five-game encounters both went to Barrie Russ and Dave Foster of Rhyl A. Conwy A beat Trinity B 6-4 in what is becoming a very competitive league below the two teams. Again, Ben Moore secured a maximum for Trinity B winning two five-game matches. He teamed up with his father Fred Moore to land the doubles but his team were unable to record their first win of the season. Mark Kane unfortunately lost two encounters in a deciding fifth game and this ensured a Conwy A victory.

In the second division, Amlwch C continue their fine season by beating Craig-y-don B 6-4. George Higham won all three of his singles narrowly seeing off Ady Waugh 11-9 in the fifth. Caren Ault also beat Ady but was prevented in her quest for a maximum by Ged Haresnape 7-11 in the fifth. Matthew Winnett failed to win a game but was twice beaten in the fifth in a very competitive night of table tennis. Meirion Williams made his first appearance for Police B for about a five years and was rewarded with a maximum. He was ably supported by Alan Lavery who also won his singles and teamed up with Meirion to secure a doubles victory. Marcus Jones prevented a clean sweep with a fine performance to beat John Cartwright in an exciting five-game battle to record a point for Rhyl C. Craig-y-don A beat a spirited Y Morfa B who still search for that elusive victory. Martin Bill and Andy McNeil won a five-game doubles thriller and Bill Woolley beat both John Bastin and Bill Williams but it was not enough. Nigel Watson won all his singles and captain Bill Williams chipped in with two wins for Craig-y-don A.


Division One:

Police A                       7       Amlwch B                   3
Conwy A                      6       Trinity B                      4
Rhyl A                         8       Conwy B                      2
Rhyl A                         5       Trinity B                      5
Division Two:

Craig-y-don B             4       Amlwch C                   6
Police B                       9       Rhyl C                         1
Y Morfa B                    4       Craig-y-don A             6

Sunday, 18 November 2018

News - week 7

In the first division, second placed Trinity A beat third placed Conwy B 9-1 and is temporarily topping the division. Ben Moore started the night on fire with his backhand particularly impressive against Paul Hulme. He found Sean Lucas initially more difficult, but he then came back from 4-9 down and 2-1 in games to beat Chris Phillips in five to secure his maximum. Abhishek Bathula secured his maximum dropping two games in the process. Stuart Dearden narrowly beat Paul in a five-game thriller before losing another five-game encounter to Chris Phillips.

In the second division, Craig-y-don B are catching up their fixture backlog with impressive wins this week, beating Police B 6-4 and Y Morfa B 10-0. Kevin Evans playing for Police B did not drop a singles game on the night. However, Ged Haresnape and Gary Blakemore representing Craig-y-don B landed the doubles 12-10 in the fifth. Craig-y-don B led 5-4 going into the final match where Ged played well to land the match beating Peter Roberts in three straight. Y Morfa B were able to win a game in half the matches in their 0-10 defeat, with Andy McNeil taking a game from Ady Waugh the standout performance. In a good week for the Craig-y-don club the A team beat Rhyl C 10-0. Here John Bastin, Billy Hayes and Bill Williams won all their matches without dropping a game.


Division One:

Conwy B                      1       Trinity A                      9
Division Two:

Police B                       4       Craig-y-don B             6
Y Morfa B                    0       Craig-y-don B             10
Craig-y-don A             10     Rhyl C                         0

Saturday, 10 November 2018

News - week 6

In the first division, Amlwch A move to the top of the table and have a six-point advantage over Trinity A having disposed of Conwy A 10-0. The closest encounters here witnessed Rob Walker taking Paul Collins to five before losing out and a game each for both Graham Heath and Steve Nicholls against Ian Ault. Conwy B is third following a 10-0 win against Trinity C. In the game of night Melvyn Booker came from 4-11, 4-11 down to beat Josh Gilmore 11-9, 15-13 and 11-8 in the fifth.

In the second division, Amlwch C remain unbeaten but were held to a draw by North Wales Police B. The two strongest players Kevin Evans and George Higham fought out a five-game thriller in which Kevin edged it 11-8 in the decider. The other five-game contest also went the way of the Police, with John Cartwright beating Mark Hadcock. However, a fine doubles win in three straight by the islanders and victory in the last two singles matches ensured the spoils were shared. At the bottom of the table Rhyl C won for the first time and move up two places from the foot of the table. They are replaced at the bottom by Y Morfa B who they beat 8-2. Adam Wood achieved a maximum on his debut dropping only two games. Marcus Jones also won his three singles matches, he only lost one game. Harry Jones representing Y Morfa beat Andy Chambers and teamed up with Andy McNeil to land the doubles.


Division One:

Trinity C                      0       Conwy B                      10
Conwy A                     0       Amlwch A                   10
Division Two:

Amlwch C                   5       Police B                       5
Rhyl C                         8       Y Morfa B                    2

Sunday, 4 November 2018

News - week 5

In the first division, Trinity A remain top following another 10-0 win this week beating their B team. Owen Hopwood dropped no games, Stuart Dearden only one and Matthew Fox two. Champions, Amlwch A maintain the pressure beating a spirited Conwy B 10-0, despite some hard hitting by both Melvyn Booker and Paul Hulme and some excellent doubles play by Melvyn and reserve Andy Lunt. Police A move into third after a narrow 6-4 win against two-man Conwy A. Tony Wan proved to be the strongest player here beating Andy Lunt over five games. Rhyl A is still seeking their first victory, but Dave Foster landed a fine maximum for Rhyl beating Rob Stanway in a five-game thriller. However, two wins each for Chris Henderson, Andy Horton and Rob Stanway proved enough for Y Morfa A.

In the second division, Rhyl B remain unbeaten having only lost one game in their first four games, this week running out 10-0 winners at the expense of Y Morfa B. The closest game witnessed the doubles pairing of John Hughes and Steve Lowe beating Martin Bill and Harry Jones 11-7 in the fifth. Amlwch C is also unbeaten proving just too strong for Craig-y-don A. Nigel Watson won all three of his singles encounters including a five-game battle against George Higham. Matthew Winnett and George Higham both won two singles matches and teamed up to land a tight five-game doubles match and seal the victory for the islanders.


Division One:

Trinity B                      0       Trinity A                      10
Y Morfa A                    7       Rhyl A                         3
Conwy A                     4       Police A                      6
Amlwch A                  10      Conwy B                     0
Division Two:

Craig-y-don A             4       Amlwch C                   6
Y Morfa B                    0       Rhyl B                         10

Sunday, 28 October 2018

News - week 4

In the first division, Trinity A continue to make the running beating Y Morfa A 10-0. Abhishek Bathula and Owen Hopwood secured their maximums without dropping a game. Rob Stanway lost in four to Matthew Fox. Amlwch A is only four points behind with a game in hand after losing their first points of the season in an 8-2 victory over Police A. Marc Pugh beat both Paul Collins and Ian Ault but lost out to Keith Williams who heads the individual standings. Amlwch B is the only other unbeaten team, they narrowly beat previously unbeaten Conwy B. Some fantastic shots were produced and a 11-9 win in the doubles by the islanders seemed crutial especially when Reg John beat Chris Phillips to give Amlwch B a 5-2 lead. However, Sean Lucas and Chris Phillips brought it back to 4-5 before Reg John secured his maximum in a fantastic last rubber win over Paul Hulme. Conwy A won their first match of the season overcoming Rhyl A 7-3. Steve Nicholls proved the strongest player on the night landing his maximum 11-9 in a five-game thriller against Alan Simkiss. Andy Lunt won two going down over four games to Barry Russ.

In the second division, Rhyl B lead the pack by three points following an emphatic 10-0 over Police B. Steve Lowe and Norman Stagg won their games without dropping a game and John Hughes secured his maximum in a four-game win at the expense of Alan Lavery. Amlwch B is only three points behind in second, this week beating Rhyl C 9-1. The Rhyl point came from Andy Chambers who beat Matthew Winnett. The best match witnessed Caren Ault beating Andy Chambers in the fifth. Mark Hadcock won all his singles matches in three straight games. In the closest encounter in division two, Craig-y-don B beat their A team in the derby match. No one player dominated, Keith Potter and Ged Haresnape won two each for the B team and Nigel Watson and John Bastin repeated the feat for the A team. The key matches were arguably the doubles won by Craig-y-don B and Ged beating Nigel 11-9 in the fifth.


Division One:

Trinity A                               10     Y Morfa A                             0
Police A                                  2     Amlwch A                            8
Rhyl A                                    3     Conwy A                              7
Conwy B                                 4     Amlwch B                           6
Division Two:

Craig-y-don B                      6       Craig-y-don A                      4
Amlwch C                            9       Rhyl C                                  1
Rhyl B                                  10     Police B                                0

Sunday, 21 October 2018

News - week 3

In the first division, Trinity A top the table in week three following a 9-1 win against Conwy A. Maximums here for both Abhishek Bathula and Stuart Dearden. The Conwy consolation was provided by Graham Heath in a five-game win at the expense of Matthew Fox. Conway B have also reeled off three straight wins. Paul Hulme playing in his first match of the season secured a fine maximum, he was pushed closest by Trinity B’s Rob Stewart who took him to a fifth game decider. Amlwch B have started strongly beating Trinity B emphatically 10-0. Here the closest game witnessed Emyr Owen securing his maximum prevailing in the fifth 11-8 at the expense of Ben Moore. Trinity B third result of the week resulted in a narrow 4-6 loss to Trinity C in the derby match. Ben Moore won all singles matches including a five-game thriller against David Daniels. Roy Williams beat Andrew Chamberlain but had to concede his match against Ben. However, two wins by both David and Josh Gilmore and a win in the doubles secured the victory. Finally, in a week when only one first division fixture did not involve a Trinity team, Y Morfa A beat Trinity C 6-4 despite a fine maximum from Trinity’s David Daniels.

In the second division, it is regrettable to hear that Henllan is unable to fulfil their fixtures and have withdrawn from league. Rhyl B top the table having only dropped one point in two fixtures. This point was won by Nigel Watson representing Craig-y-don A who beat Norman Stagg. Fine maximums again from both John Hughes and Steve Lowe, see these two at the top of the individual standings. A third player who has won all his games is Kevin Evans representing Police B. He teamed up with his daughter Becky but this two-person team was held to a draw by Y Morfa B. The closest encounter resulted in the Evans family winning the doubles 11-8 in the fifth. The Y Morfa players Martin Bill and Harry Jones both secured two points in the match.


Division One:

Amlwch B                              10   Trinity B                               0
Police A                                  8     Rhyl A                                  2
Trinity B                                 3     Conwy B                               7
Trinity C                                 6     Trinity B                               4
Conwy A                                1     Trinity A                               9
Y Morfa A                               6     Trinity C                               4
Division Two:

Craig-y-don A                      1       Rhyl B                                  9
Y Morfa B                             5       Police B                                5

Saturday, 13 October 2018

News - week 2

In the first division, Amlwch A maintain their perfect start producing back to back 10-0 wins. This week they beat Rhyl A, Alan Simkiss did take Ian Ault to a fifth game decider before losing out. Conwy B lie second having beat Y Morfa A 7-3. Y Morfa A started well winning the opening two encounters, both five-game thrillers. But Chris Phillips turned the tie around securing a maximum and teaming up with Melvyn Booker to land the doubles in another five-game match. Trinity A is third in the division, they narrowly overcame Rhyl A. Abhishek Bathula won his three singles matches and teamed up Stuart Dearden to secure the doubles. Dave Foster proved to be the strongest Rhyl A player beating both Stuart and Fred Moore. TrinIty A also beat Police A, here Mark Pugh representing Police A secured a maximum at the expense of Abhishek whom he beat 11-8 in the fifth. Owen Hopwood and Matthew Fox both extracted a game from Mark and beat James and Tony Wan to secure the Trinity A victory. Trinity C produced a fine performance with a 7-3 victory over Conwy A. Maximums here for both David Daniels and Josh Gilmore and a tough night for Andy Lunt who lost all his singles matches in the fifth game. The closest game of week witnessed Graham Heath losing out to Josh Gilmore in an extended five-game battle that involved both 16-14 and 21-19 games.

In the second division, Amlwch C continue to make the early pace beating Y Morfa B 10-0. Craig-y-don A lie second despite a 4-6 reversal against Police B. The game of this match went the way of Nigel Watson who beat Peter Roberts 12-10 in the fifth. The strongest player proved to be Kevin Evans who dropped zero games in either the singles or the doubles. Two teams who have played only one fixture remain unbeaten, in what looks a competitive division. Henllan beat Craig-y-don B with a two-man team, the star here was Iain MacGiillivray who overcame Ady Waugh 11-6 in the fifth to land his maximum. The Rhyl derby went to the B team the game of the match witnessed Norman Stagg beating Marcus Jones 11-6 in the fifth.


Division One:

Y Morfa A                               3     Conwy B                      7
Trinity C                                 7     Conwy A                     3
Trinity A                                 7     Police A                       3
Amlwch A                              10   Rhyl  A                         0
Rhyl A                                    4     Trinity A                      6
Police A                                                  
Division Two:

Craig-y-don A                      9       Y Morfa B                    1
Craig-y-don B                      4       Henllan                       6
Y Morfa B                             0       Amlwch C                   10
Police B                                6       Craig-y-don A             4
Rhyl B                                  10     Rhyl C                         0